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Vintage Art Deco Glass Rhinestone 18x13mm Chrysoprase Green (2 pcs)

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Vintage Art Deco chrysoprase green glass rhinestone measures 18x13mm with a flat back. These were made in Czechoslovakia during World World II in the 1940's. A note about the possible imperfections ie. small tiny tiny chips on the backs and edges: These were made in a metal mold and the glass had to be popped out of the mold. In that process, the thin edges may not have held up well. I look at each stone under magnification before shipping. I only ship the near perfect stones. There are no "perfect" stones. Because they were made for the costume jewelry market, manufacturing in the 1940's was not intended to be perfect. They are very usable and look perfectly normal without magnification. Qty of 1 = 2 rhinestones ET106