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Antique French Victorian Black Mourning Glass Small Faceted Oval 6x7mm #A3V28 (10 pcs)

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Antique Victorian era black mourning glass. These measure 6x7mm oval with a 3x5mm flat peg on the back and faceted top. Shiny faceted finish. Qty of 1 = a package of 10 pieces #A3V28 These are old Victorian Era mourning glass stock. Here is a brief description of the Georgian Era 1714-1830 and the Victorian Era 1837-1901 society mourning requirements: "By the 19th century, mourning behavior in England had developed into a complex set of rules, particularly among the upper classes. For women, the customs involved wearing heavy, concealing, black clothing, and the use of heavy veils of black crêpe. Special caps and bonnets, usually in black, went with these ensembles. There was special mourning jewelry, often made of jet." Because real "jet" was a natural material and the demand was so high for it during these times, the French began making black mourning glass items to supply the demand. This is why you will often see it referred to as "french Jet" which is black glass, not real Jet. Made in France circa late 1800's early 1900's, limited stock. Any facets or decoration were done by hand.